Tessa is a Registered Psychiatric Nurse; receiving her education at the University of Brandon, completing a degree in Psychiatric Nursing in 2008.

Typically, Tess applies an existential-humanistic approach to therapy. She works alongside with the client in the job of exploring and understanding better the client’s values and beliefs while incorporating therapeutic tools for customized counselling to fit each client’s individual needs, likes, and unique talents.

What makes Tessa’s service distinctive is her ability to connect and forge meaningful relationships with other people. She has naturally been a “helper” throughout many stages of life and has managed to stay true to her desire to help others by working in a variety of settings including youth work, community based programs, in-patient units, nursing homes, high school environments and on a more personal level, as a mother to 2 children.

Before joining Foster Counselling Services Tess spent over a decade working in the addictions and mental health field for a variety of organizations. One aspect she likes most about her job is to help people discover their strengths and learn how to capitalize on them.

Tess has worked with people of all ages, including parents and teens and people living with addiction, to make lasting changes to their behaviours, take control of their lives, and find peace. She has training and experience in the areas of:

Alcohol and drug education for middle school and high school students.
Self Esteem
Crisis Intervention

Approved provider for First Nations and Inuit Health Branch and private fee for service clients.