All About: Healthy Relationships (Group for Teens)

WHAT: An interactive teen group that will cover all kinds of relationships that teen’s experience, such as:

  • Relationships with significant others (Healthy vs Unhealthy teen relationships, Red Flags)
  • Relationships with friends (Peer pressure, support network, healthy vs unhealthy friendships)
  • Relationship with alcohol/drugs (limits, consequences, safe use)
  • Relationship with SELF (self-esteem, gender/identity, anxiety)


WHO: Participants (group size of 6 to 8) will be students ranging from Grades 6 – 8

WHERE: Foster Common Unity Counselling (1015 Princess Avenue) Board Room

WITH: Kansas Schure-Bailey MC (Social Skills Instructor and Counsellor)

WHY: To increase teen’s self-awareness, confidence, and resiliency. To equip them with practical tools they can utilize in their everyday lives and into high school and adulthood. To increase their social supports/network and connect them with other peers in the community.

COST: $150  ($50 non-refundable deposit required)

Please call the office to set up an intake/consent interview


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