At times we all feel unhappy, sad, tired or defeated. Usually these feelings do not last long and are a normal reaction to something that is going on in our lives. Depression becomes a problem when it is intense, lasts a long time and interferes with our work, social life and our ability to function. It can happen for no obvious reason or it can be triggered by personal crisis, an illness or ongoing stress.
Some symptoms of depression are:
• Feel worthless, helpless or hopeless
• Sleep more or less than usual
• Find it difficult to concentrate or make decisions
• Lose interest participating in activities
• Feel overwhelming sadness or grief
• Feel very tired
• Think about death and possibly suicide
• Stop taking care of your appearance
• Irritability
• Change in appetite
• Feeling on the verge of tears or weepy

Depression can last weeks, months, or even years. It usually does not end by itself without treatment. However, if we recognize that we are depressed and get help, the depression will end much sooner.

If you feel depressed, it is important to reach out for help:
• Getting professional help from a counsellor and/or doctor
• Phone a crisis line
• Tell family or friends how you are feeling


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