Excessive stress upsets the mind and body’s balance and creates break down or malfunction. This can lower the body’s resistance to illness and it can make one feel drained, overwhelmed, inefficient, competitive, isolated, angry and anxious.Often we are unaware of the load of “stress” we’re carrying around, and we think that “fatigue” is normal.

Do you notice that some people seem to take life easier and take life’s little stressors in stride while others stay wound up? Are you worrying more often than others, feeling rushed more often, or angry and irritated more often? If so you may be experiencing stress from inner sources.

1. Are you a Type-A personality or close to it? Are you a perfectionist?
2. Are you over-scheduled?

Some ideas to help cope with stress:
• Create balance. Finding a balance in one’s work schedule, as well as balancing work, pleasure, physical joy, quiet time, family time, time for friends, time for rejuvenation and healing.
• Listen to your body. Acknowledge the signal of fatigue and don’t ignore it.
• Nutrition.
• Daily energizers. 15 to 20 minutes of energetic exercise will calm the mood increase the energy and increase concentration better that a coffee and sweet combination in a break.
• Take breaks while working.
• Plan good time management.
• Loving-kindness to yourself no matter what state you are in.
• Find solitude.
• Remind yourself of the importance of the things that are near and dear to your heart.
• Keep perspective of things. Will you remember what is presently causing you stress in five years?


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