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Life Coaching

This service is provided by Alex Rogowsky, a certified Life Coach with the Certified Coaches Federation. This is a fee for service program at $45/hour, not covered by insurance.

We are often only scratching the surface of our potential. While we may be in a place of wellbeing, we might feel that we can accomplish and be much more. Life Coaching is an experience that can help us be the person we truly want to be. You may know where you want to go or what you want to do in life, and you may not. In coaching we can discover and/or clarify this and get right on our way to living fully. Maybe you are hoping to complete a project, reach a goal, or make a big change; you could be looking ahead in terms of your career, health, creativity, or relationships. Seeing a life coach can offer the clarity, accountability, and inspiration you need to get there.

I very much enjoyed and found my experience with Alex as beneficial. He is clear and concise when developing a process to help set and complete life goals. He is well tempered and understanding. I felt he was very accessible and open to having very candid, big picture conversations. I would recommend his service for anyone who wants to take the time to change and better themselves. – Jordan

This summer Alex worked with me in the capacity of a life coach. He helped me identify areas of my life where I felt like I was feeling challenged or stuck, and possible reasons for those feelings.

Alex walked with me through different discussions and gave me some tools to help me identify key areas I wanted to focus on and concrete steps to reach my goals. Through the whole experience Alex was an attentive and empathetic listener. He was also very conscientious of following up with me to see how I was doing and if I need help to continue moving forward in reaching the goals I had set. It was a great experience. – Lanney

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