Foster Common Unity as of 2021

After twenty seven years of serving Western Manitoba, the members of Foster Common Unity have decided to evolve into independent practice. We have enjoyed championing mental health for our community and are now creating our own pathways.

Those seeking counselling can contact the therapists listed here:

Or explore other mental health resources offered locally:

Those needing support in a crisis can call Westman Crisis Services at 1-888-379-7699 or the Klinic Crisis Line at 1-888-322-3019.

At Foster Common Unity, we believe in being a caring, flexible, client-focused service helping individuals & communities to become healthier and stronger. You have made a decision to help yourself. We encourage you to be an informed participant in your health. Our counsellors have a variety of credentials and experience. We want you to have a genuine and comfortable client/counsellor fit that will ensure a good working relationship. Help us, to help you, meet your needs.