About Us

Melody Foster’s varied experience in management, mediation and clinical work provided the foundation for establishing Foster Counselling Services in 1993. Melody retired from counselling in 2010.

In April 2009, Melody requested Terri Miller take over as the owner of Foster Counselling Services. Terri had previously worked for Melody as a counsellor and she continues to offer professional services.

In the Spring of 2011, FOSTER COMMON UNITY Counselling Services expanded care in our community. We have several outstanding therapists who are highly trained and experienced. Through nurturing and empowerment clients are assisted to wellness.


Our Staff

  • Terri Miller RPN
  • Kansas Schure-Bailey MC CCC
  • Alex Rogowsky, RPC
  • Tess Small, RPN, BScPN
  • Niki Gagnon BScPN, RPN
  • Laurie Gill (office administrator)
  • Colleen Gillies (assistant office administrator)
  • Nicole Roberge (assistant office administrator)
  • Julie Ramos (assistant office administrator)

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